Goal Zero Nomad 14+

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Product description

The Goal Zero Nomad 14 Plus Solar Panel is a solar panel, which is unique in several aspects compared to other modules in the same segment. The Nomad 14 Plus is equipped with efficient monocrystalline solar cells and has an output power of up to 14 watts. Ideal for (direct) charging of USB devices such as smartphones or USB power banks. The Nomad 14 Plus can also be used for charging laptop power banks.

The Goal Zero Nomad 14 Plus is also unique because of a combination of different properties. This solar panel features a special technology that allows USB devices to be directly charged in a special and efficient way via the panel (so without a power bank). In the case of less than optimal weather conditions, an integrated function automatically ensures that the charging of a connected device after an interruption is resumed. In addition, the Nomad 14 Plus recognizes the charging status of the device. The panel will stop generating power when the device is fully charged.

The Goal Zero Nomad 14 Plus Solar Panel can daily generate energy of 30 - 35 Wh via the USB output. Converted this is approximately 14,000 mAh of power, enough to charge an average smartphone five to six times. The USB output has a strong charging current of 2.4 A, with which each USB device can be recharged with an optimal speed.

In addition, the module has an 8mm Solar output. You can directly connect the Power Packs of Goal Zero to this. This output can deliver up to 14 W of energy.

In order to make the charging more clear, the Nomad 14 Plus is equipped with an indicator, which measures and shows the strength of the UV-radiation. So you can conveniently determine in which position the panel works most efficiently. With the detachable stand it is very easy to put or hang the Nomad 14 Plus panel in the best way possible.

Product specifications

Brand Goal Zero
Size Opened: 310 x 400 x 2 mm
Folded: 310 x 200 x 13 mm
Weight 862 grams (with kickstand)
635 grams (without kickstand)
Material Plastic
Power 14 W
Solar cells Monocrystalline
Output USB 5 V / 2400 mA (max. 12 W)
Output DC Solar Port 8 mm, 14-22 V/1000 mA (max. 14 W)
Waterproof Yes
Chainable Yes, with the Nomad 14 Plus

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