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About This Product

Product description

The Goal Zero Venture 70 Recharger is a very robust USB Power Bank. The device is waterproof, protected against drops and bumps and even extreme vibration are no threat to the Venture 70. With the battery capacity of 17,700 mAh, the Venture 70 is a real powerhouse, capable of charging any USB device.

The Venture 70 features a highly integrated NMC Li-ion battery. The battery life is above average with many charging cycles and also has the advantage of retaining full power after months of storage. The built-in 65 lumen LED light is a very useful feature, ideal for on vacation or during hiking, boating and outdoor excursions. The light shines bright and for hours without problems.

The Goal Zero Venture 70 has two standard USB outputs. A Micro USB cable and a Lightning cable are supplied as standard, but obviously any USB charging cable can be connected to the outputs. The Micro USB and Lightning cable can be attached to the sides of the Venture 70. The two outputs of the Venture 70 can deliver a charging current of up to 2.4 A (even at the same time). A clever feature in the Venture 70 recognizes the connected device, the Venture 70 will not offer a higher charging current than the device can handle. Therefore overcharging wonÕt happen. With the rubber coating, the power bank is completely water and dust resistant (IPX67 rating).

The Goal Zero Venture 70 has a 3A inputs and can be fully charged in just 5 hours (via the included Micro USB charging cable). The Venture 70 can be charged via the power outlet, the car cigarette lighter or via one of the USB solar panels in our range.

Product specifications

Brand Goal Zero
Size 163 x 95 x 23,5 mm
Weight 454 grams
Material Plastic
Battery type Li-ion NMC
Battery capacity in Wh 67 Wh
Battery capacity in mAh at 5 V 13100 mAh (= 17700 mAh at 3.7 V)
Output USB 2 x Female USB, max. 4800 mA
Input USB 1 x Micro USB, max. 3000 mA
Waterproof Yes, IPX67
Overcharge protection Yes
Charge indicator Yes
Operating temperature 0°-40° C
Recharge time via USB 5 hrs.

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